November 2005

the sign on the door

Adria and Haemi - November 2005

I've picked up from my daughter (that's Adria, pictured with me) and some of her friends that the polite thing to do when one locks one's LJ is to keep a post such as this one on top.

This is a locked journal - meaning, the vast majority of my posts are viewable only by LJ friends listed on my profile page. (I've gone back and locked most of my old entries, too, because I'm a stickler for consistency when it comes to these things.)

I'm not trying to be cliquey (ugh, I despise cliquey!). It's just that I feel freer to express myself in this journal, knowing who has the key.

I enjoy interacting with other journalers. Just drop me a note if you'd like to (as my daughter puts it) "friend-ize." You can leave a comment here, or e-mail me (the addy is on my profile page).

P.s. I tend to be clueless of (or is that clueless to?) new journalers popping up around me. I mostly only keep up with friends' journals on my list. Sometimes, weeks go by before I realize that a friend has joined the community or added me to their "friends" list. So, don't be shy about waving hello and letting me know you're here :o)
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